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General Information
Gathering Time: 14:10, October 15
Gathering Place: Registration Counter
Tour Fare: free for full registration participant, NTD 1,000 for student and accompanying person

Changhua Roundhouse

The Changhua Roundhouse is located in the intersection of the Mountain Line and Coast Line in central Taiwan It is built in 1922. With special operating functions, the rails in the roundhouse are split according to the operation of locomotives and maintenance technology. This explains the formation of its round shape.

Lukang Old Street & Lukang Longshan Temple

Lukang is one of the important historic towns in Taiwan. It is the town for well-preserved historic sites, old houses, old temples and folk arts. Lukang Old Street is made up of the curved, red-tiled lanes of today's Putou, Yaolin, and Dayou streets. Longshan Temple is one of the great scenes in Lukang. The carving is magnificent in terms of the structure and the ornament. There is fine colorful painting. It has the reputation of being the Treasure of Chinese Architectural Art. The buildings are worthy of detailed observation.

The Sky-View Trail of Mt. Bagua

The sky-view trail is structured with a light steel frame and has a fence-like line shape. Its route crosses Guashan Road from the air. It is built along the mountain from the location of the Great Buddha. There are seven entrances and exits along the way. The total length of the trail is 1005 meters.
You may see the natural ecosystems of many birds, butterflies, and insects in this area and enjoy the combination of city and forest.